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Preparation for Worship

Part 1 of our series: Sunday Worship Vision:

The goal of our worship Service

The ultimate goal in our worship service is to worship, praise, and glorify God.

How to prepare ourselves for gathering together to worship-


1.See it is important - We dare not “neglect meeting together, as is the habit of some” (Heb. 10:25), because there is nothing as meaningful, rich, and glorious on earth as the church gathering together with its Lord and Savior in worship. Most Christians believe this, but does it translate to our practice? Or is the moment we are sitting in the pew or the auditorium chair the first time we think about corporate worship in our week?

2. Seize the Rest of the Week: Practice family worship and secret worship throughout the week knowing that this will inform and encourage your experience in corporate worship, pray for the those in the service.

3. Read the Scripture Passage: Read and think through the Sunday morning text earlier in the week. We should seldom be surprised at the passage we hear preached. Working our way through a passage throughout the week provides more fertile soil on Sunday morning

4. Prepare to Receive

Every time we gather as a church, God will speak to us as his word is preached, sung, read, and studied. Hearing from God is a weighty and glorious thing. Just read Exodus 19–20. To see God for who he is, to be overwhelmed by his greatness and holiness, to experience his presence, to see his boundless love and mercy, to encounter what should make our hearts tremble. Through Jesus, we can boldly come and receive (Hebrews 10:19–22), but confidence does not equal casualness. Prepare by asking God to help you receive his revelation with gratefulness and humility.

Prepare to Respond

When God reveals himself to us, things happen. Experiencing God leads us to respond (Isaiah 6:8). Rather than being a spectator or a passive participant, our hearts are moved to worship because we have once again seen the beauty, greatness, holiness, mercy, and love of our God. We sing to him, confess our sins, receive his word preached, take communion, and give our finances, all in grateful response to seeing who God is and what he has done for us in Jesus.

Prepare for this Sunday by asking that God would help you rightly respond to him.

Prepare to Edify Others

Our worship doesn’t stop when the singing ends, or the preacher says, “Amen.” It continues as we greet, encourage, serve, pray for, exhort, and care for one another. God chooses to use people to edify his body (1 Corinthians 14:26). You and me. Isn’t that amazing?

Do you come to church expecting that God will use you? It might be as you serve practically, it might be as you take two minutes to pray for a friend, or greet a new person, or encourage a child. You have a part to play. This Sunday, prepare for gathering with your church family by asking God how he might use you to edify his church.[1]


1. Plan Ahead: Plan out, your Sunday Morning routine, make breakfast, and/or lunch the night before, lay out your Sunday morning clothes on Saturday night. – ( Avoid a high sugar, high carb meal that may lead to drowsiness. Gas up the car, lay out Bibles, set aside your offering, make sure your hearing aids are working properly,

2. Go to Bed Early: Go to bed early on Saturday night. Friday nights can be filled with late-night activity, but Saturday nights should routinely be safeguarded. Sleepy heads make for drowsy worshippers.

3. Wake up early: Rise early on Sunday morning and spend time reading the Word, praying, and meditating to prepare your heart for worship..

Timing it Right: Give yourself enough time on Sunday mornings. Rise early enough that the morning isn’t rushed. (Keep the television off) Leave home with plenty of time to spare. Try not to arrive at church late or even a few minutes before the service. Rushing out the door at home and rushing in the door at church has stymied many worshippers.

4. Collect Your Thoughts: Sit-down, read through the bulletin (if you have one), think through the songs, meditate on the Scripture readings, and pray before the service begins.[2]

As We Enter

The church is not an institution but the gathered community of faith. We should greet one another in love, using the moments before the service begins as a time of fellowship and encourage one another and introduce ourselves to any guests. This is good time to also remember that we have come to worship God together and we are not in this faith journey alone, but we are a part of the family of God. We can also prepare our hearts and pray and ask God to bless our worship to the glory of His name and that would worship with our whole selves in truth.

[1] [2]

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