Wednesday Night Schedule


6:50 - 7:20 PM     Welcome and Snack

                            in the Children's Wing


7:30 - 7:55 PM     Activity and Discussion

                            Break into Group by Age

7:55 - 8:00 PM     Pick Up (from Classrooms)



Current Study:

"What is a Christian?" and "I'm a Christian Now" Series


Teach Kids How To Become A Christian And Follow Jesus

I'm a Christian Now! teaches kids how to become a Christian, how to follow Jesus' example, how to share their testimony and even more about what it means to be a believer of Jesus Christ. Activity Books work great for a class full of new believers or for walking through one-on-one. It is an excellent and comprehensive eight week study for helping children understand the decision they have made and what it means to live a Christian life. Each week focuses on a new topic that includes daily information and application activities.


Topics Covered

Baptism  |  The Lord's Supper  |  Being a Church Member  |  Following God Through One's Actions  |  Developing a Quiet Time


  • Use with any Bible translation

  • Designed for use at home with minimal supervision

  • Great to give to kids when they accept Christ




* We will take a summer break from our mid-week children's ministry activities from June - August. Never fear! Our summers will still be packed with loads of fun!